Agenda - Day 3

Session Four: Dealing with phytate

Chair: Mike Bedford


09.00   Rapid analytical methods for IP6 - feasibility?



09.30   Alternate methods of dealing with phytate - processing and additives other that phytase

Jan Dirk van der Klis / Ester Vinyeta  DOWNLOAD SLIDES


10.00   Coffee break


Session Five: Destruction of phytate by phytase

Chair: Jan Dirk van der Klis


10.30   About phytate hydrolysis and formation of inositol phosphates in the digestive tract

Markus Rodehutscord  DOWNLOAD SLIDES


11.00   Empirical assessment of the benefits and constraints to elimination of phytate from monogastric animal diets via superdosing phytase

Mike Bedford / Aaron Cowieson  DOWNLOAD SLIDES


11.30   Update on characteristics of commercial phytases



12.00   Lunch

Chair: Aaron Cowieson


13.30   Commercial results - pig

Paul Toplis / Pete Wilcock  DOWNLOAD SLIDES

13.45   Commercial results - poultry

Tara York / Craig Wyatt  DOWNLOAD SLIDES


14.00   Provision of inositol - is this part of the superdosing response?

Damien Jozefiak  DOWNLOAD SLIDES


14.15   Downsides of complete phytate destruction in human nutrition

Lilian Thompson

14.45   Coffee break 


15.15   Phytase as an enzyme targeting non-phytate phosphates

Carrie Walk 

15.45   Holo analysis - optimising phytase use in animals

Marie-Pierre Letourneau-Montminy / Agnes Narcy  DOWNLOAD SLIDES


16.15   What next - potential improvements in phytases?

Jari Vehmaanpera  DOWNLOAD SLIDES

16.45   In vitro evaluation of digestible phosphorus in feedstuffs for pigs - Patrick Schlegel  DOWNLOAD SLIDES

16.50   Supplementation with microbial phytase to improve zinc and iron nutrition in humans - Nathalie Scheers  DOWNLOAD SLIDES

16.55   The imporance of phytase in reducing zinc needs in grower-finisher pigs - Gretchen Hill  DOWNLOAD SLIDES

17.00   Evaluation of calcium levels in broiler starter and grower diets with normal or extended phytase supplementation - Park Waldroup DOWNLOAD SLIDES

17.05   Improvement in amino acid digestibility response to phytase supplementation of swine diets may not depend on digestibility marker - Oluyinka Olukosi  DOWNLOAD SLIDES

17.10   The role of retention time and properties of the anterior digestive tract on efficacy of phytase - Birger Svihus  DOWNLOAD SLIDES

17.15   Effect of graded levels of an enhanced E. coli phytase on the digestibility of a pea-based diet - Hank Classen  DOWNLOAD SLIDES


17.20   Questions and summary of day three

Mike Bedford, Jan Dirk van der Klis and Aaron Cowieson