Dr. S.V. Rama Rao

S.V. Rama Rao

S.V. Rama Rao


Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Dr. S.V. Rama Rao is a Principal Scientist working for the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in the area of poultry nutrition for the past 22 years at Project Directorate on Poultry, Hyderabad, India. He obtained master and doctoral degrees from Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University. His area of interest is Poultry Nutrition particularly in the following areas.

1. Enhancement of phytate phosphorus utilization in commercial broilers and WL layers through nutritional approaches.

2. Nutritional modulation for better performance and optimum immunity in commercial broilers.

3. Viable alternate feed ingredients for maize and soybean in both broiler and layer chicken diets.

4. Utilization of trace minerals from both organic and inorganic source in commercial broilers

5. On farm evaluation of different nutritional concept in commercial broiler and layer operations

6. Nutritional allowances for birds developed for free range / backyard chicken varieties both at parent and commercial levels


Career achievements:

Associated with poultry industry by providing technical support to farmers, feed and feed additive manufacturers in the area of nutrition. Developed a least cost feed formulation software “Eco-Mix”, which has been well accepted and adapted by poultry industry in majority of Asian countries. Published 176 research articles and 145 technical articles, contributed to six books and authored three books. Received recognition from various organizations such as ICAR Young Scientist Award, ICAR Award for Team Research Award, Gold medals at masters and doctoral levels for heights marks and outstanding research work, respectively. He was the recipient of the CLFMA Award in 2007 and National Productivity Councils Meritorious Award for biennium 2007 and 2008.