Session 2 - Phosphate replacement - how far can we go?

Charles Brearley - A structural basis for phytate synthesis & breakdown

Craig Wyatt - High doses of phytase – extracting the maximum phosphorus value, practical limitations in P replacements with varying dose of phytase

Stuart Wilkinson - Exploiting the calcium specific appetite of broilers

Aaron Cowieson - Modelling Ca and P requirements

Bill Dozier - Ileal phosphorus digestibility varies depending on diet composition and length of adaptation period when fed to Ross x Ross 708 male broilers from 20 to 24 days of age

Victor Raboy - The current status in the development and evaluation of low phytic acid crops

Hadden Graham - Maximising the benefits of phytase in the presence of meat and bone meal

Audrey McElroy - Influence of dietary calcium and phytase on necrotic enteritis in broilers

Rama Rao - Interaction between levels of dietary calcium and supplemental phytase on egg production, shell quality and bone mineralisation in WL layers

Questions and summary from day one