Session 3 - Phytate - the big enemy?

Dr. Tiago Santos - Ingredient phytate content and variability including susceptibility

Dr. Stuart Wilkinson - The influence of dietary phytate and exogenous phytase on starch

Prof Todd Applegate - Phytate and minerals

Prof Donald Oberleas - History and application of the phytate zinc molar ratio

Dr. Graham Yeo - Companion animals - any interest?

Prof Lilian Thompson - Estimating the costs in human nutrition – zinc, iron and other potential problems. Is high fibre nutrition exacerbating this problem?

Prof Krzystof Zyla - Enzymatically generated inositol – effects in poultry

Barbara Harland - An non-invasive tool for predicting human zinc deficiency

Dr. Robert Falconer and Dr. Nathan Cowieson - The chemistry of phytate interactions with protein

Dr. Robert Caldwell - Phytate in processed foods

Dr. Samir Samman - Phytate – a paradoxical dietary link with chronic disease

Dr. Jouni Vielma - Aquaculture – unknown waters?

Dr. Rob ten Doeschate - Estimating the global cost of phytate in terms of reduced efficiency of minerals and energy in animals

Dr. Oluyinka Olukosi - Phytase supplementation differentially affects the expression of genes for gut inflammation and immunity at different sections of the small intestine of broilers

Day 2 - Questions and summary