Session 5 - Destruction of phytate by phytase

Markus Rodehutscord - About phytate hydrolysis and formation of inositol phosphates in the digestive tract

Ralf Greiner - Update on characteristics of commercial phytases

Craig Wyatt - Commercial results - poultry

Lilian Thompson - Downsides of complete phytate destruction in human nutrition

Marie-Pierre Letourneau-Montminy and Agnes Narcy - Meta-analysis – optimising phytase use in animals

Patrick Schlegel - In-vitro evaluation of digestible phosphorus in feedstuffs for pigs

Gretchen Hill - The importance of phytase in reducing zinc needs in grower-finisher pigs

Oluyinka Olukosi - Improvement in amino acid digestibility response to phytase supplementation of swine diets may not depend on digestibility marker

Hank Classen - Effect of graded levels of an enhanced E. coli phytase on the digestibility of a pea-based diet

Questions and summary from the afternoon of Day 3

Mike Bedford - Empirical assessment of the benefits and constraints to elimination of phytate from monogastric animal diets via superdosing phytase

Paul Toplis - Commercial results - pig

Damien Jozefiak - Provision of inositol – is this part of the superdosing response?

Carrie Walk - Phytase as an enzyme targeting non-phytate phosphates (LPS)

Jari Vehmaanpera - What next – potential improvements in phytases?

Nathalie Scheers - Supplementation with microbial phytase to improve zinc and iron nutrition in humans

Park Waldroup - Evaluation of calcium levels in broiler starter and grower diets with normal or extended phytase supplementation

Birger Svihus - The role of retention time and properties of the anterior digestive tract on efficacy of phytase

Questions and summary from the morning of Day 3